#CPDOF #newsbytes Jan2020

1. #DevOps program for a fresher batch started the new year

#DevOps program kick started for a fresher batch on the last day of 2019 and spilled into the new year. Here are some pictures from the program. Courtsey Aditya Garg who is a licensed trainer for #CPDOF and was a coach for this program.

2. DevOps Program for a large specialty chemical company – IT captive center in Mumbai happened in second week of January 2020

#DevOps program happened in one of the largest specialty chemical company’s IT team

Few pictures from the program are as below

3. CPDOF instructor led online program was successfully conducted by Prashant Beniwal

The Jan 2020 instructor led online program was extremely well received and received wonderful feedback. one of the feedback from the program is as below

” I took CPDOF training in online mode from Prashant which was provided by ATA. This was my first ever introduction to the world of DevOPs. Coming from a developer background, also where i managed teams involved in building tool agnostic test automation solution i really enjoyed the sessions on continuous integration, the tools for it, as i could easily relate to the challenges faced in day to day work. The session on continuous delivery, docker, kubernetes was of a different level and i felt like an alice in wonderland. There was so much to learn and explore and Prashant made it all so accessible to us with the carefully planned hands on exercises. The best part of his teaching was his stress on practical and hands on learning then theortical discussion of concepts. He was extremely organized, patient in explaining concepts. And when people struggled he didn’t solve immediately. He taught us the better way, the way to debug issues, i would never forget these lessons. I am so grateful i got introduced to this wonderful world of devops through Prashant, and got to know how to coach people ‘well’ as well. Thank you Prashant.”

4. CPDOF 2nd program currently underway once again in a leading Independent testing service organization

DevOps has become mainstream and most organizations are upskilling or skilling their entire IT teams in practical DevOps program. A new fresher batch is currently underway. A picture collage is as below

5. Classroom program for CPDOF is now announced in Pune for February 2020.

If you want to learn practical DevOps pipeline and want to get the most renowned certification in DevOps, please do not miss this great opportunity to learn from Prashant Beniwal. For more details please visit the following URL

Date : 14th – 16th Feb 2020

Time : 9:00 am – 6:00 pm 

Mode : Classroom Training program

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